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RR Caterers & Events has marked its existence as a premier catering services provider in Hyderabad, which serves excellence in dining, food quality, 20 chefs, and exciting experience to its customers. it is directed by Ramesh Repaka and was established in 2006. We provide specialised catering services in Hyderabad for small, big, corporate or social events, and are ready to provide 24 hours service.

Our specialisation in various exquisite Indian and International cuisine has the potential to assist clients’ variable demands and has the potential to service 10000 persons. RR Caterers promises to serve the most exquisite and authentic cuisine, depending on your food requirements. Our highly skilled chefs serve a delicious meal cooked with fresh ingredients and famous spices. The food aroma and presentation leave stupendous and spellbound footprints behind. RR’s Caterers menu is designed and curated as per trend, diet and preferences.

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We admire our clients and value their experience as the biggest priority for the organisation. RR Caterers serves with the mission to deliver among the best caterers in Hyderabad along with the full-fledged management for each event. customers can easily pay through cheque, cash, All Cards and All UPI pay. We believe in providing cuisine curated as per the customer’s tastes and likes. Innovation and challenges rely on the heart of the company where our chef and encouraged staff are hired based on their skills, creativity, and expressive thoughts. RR Caterers motivates them to be an innovator instead of blind followers. Rest is assured- our food will touch your soul.

Every recipe displays our exceptional creativity from top selected chefs. They mix the essence of knowledge and innovative practices to deliver the best. Their food will make you swing and dance with joy, ringing bells in your mind and soul.

We are the perfect planner for your corporate, social and public events. they also provide service at your venue’s distance of up to 500 KM and are ready to provide extra services with good quality. No matter while you’re busy with the guests, RR Caterers will take care of delectable cuisine, floral decorations, music, snapshots, light effects and venues. The finest planners belts are standing to touch your soul.

In the past few years, RR Caterers has marked its own unique identity and reputation as one of the best caterers in Hyderabad. We have managed several private and corporate events leaving memorable footprints across Hyderabad. We hold immense expertise in providing impeccable catering services for house parties, corporate events and weddings.

Catering and Types of Caterers

We started our journey by providing traditional cuisines in the unique and ravished methods where RR Catering touched their customers’ souls. but now we provide various types of cuisine like North Indian Caterers, South Indian Caterers, Multi-cuisine Caterers, Veg Caterers and Non-Veg Caterers with their highest service up to 10000 persons. Now, we have chased a long path and cater to our customers’ new Indian and International cuisine without compromising the taste and quality.

We have mapped our quest to deliver it in the same way it’s meant to be at catering. We also provide services for corporate buffets, high-tea, cocktail parties and packed boxes, and the Awards -Member/ Membership ‘FSSAI’ holder.

We specialise in designing bespoke menus as per the customer’s style and preferences. Whether it’s about a birthday party planning, corporate gala dinner or lavish wedding ceremony- RR Catering is always there to assist you. With our expertise in making delicious cuisine, proper planning and stupendous catering services – you can execute your dream events. RR and its potential to deliver the finest and excellent food quality following impeccable service standards are no less than pride that serves beyond expectations.

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