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RR Caterers is aimed towards providing a stupendous catering solution for all your need. We are here to assist you with the services for:

  • Corporate Bunch and Catering
  • Engagement Catering Services
  • Wedding Catering Services
  • Receptions Catering Services
  • Birthday Party Catering Services
  • Obituary Catering Services
  • Gathering / Kitty Party Catering Services
  • Small Events Catering Services

Corporate Bunch and Catering

RR Catering is standing by your side if you are worried about corporate brunch meetings or any other professional events. We help you organize a stress-free and balanced event that will make others envy of your organization. Food is the crucial nerve for such an occasion, and RR Catering chef’s magical hand will make it more delicious. We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to providing corporate catering planning and services.

RR Caterers provides calorie-counted meals when it comes to health-conscious guests in your event. We are here to deliver delicious meals with a perfect balance of nutrition to balance your energy level all the time.

From the gourmet lunch catering solutions, tea talks, and cocktail parties to the corporate events and lunch boxes- RR Catering has everything you need. We ensure that the trending and cyclic menu for your gathering of any type and size. We have a long list of customers who have used our services and have now become our lifelong customers.
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RR Catering is ready to become your guide at every step of the corporate journey, where we will plan your catering menu, venue, lighting, particular demands, and decorations. You can count on us for smaller to more significant events. RR Caterers has a bespoke corporate meals menu that fulfills your style, taste, and budget.

RR Caterers will get you covered with the corporate events, induction programs, and BOD events. We provide delicious food directly from our kitchen to your corporate events. You can explore RR’s corporate catering menu specially crafted as per the client’s unique requirements and our chef’s specialties to fulfill such demands. We serve for gala dinners, cocktails, boardroom lunches, corporate parties, and brunches.

We are dedicated to serving high quality catering services for corporates under a feasible budget. To get a reasonable quotation, kindly connect with RR event managers.

Wedding and Reception Catering Services

We know it’s a special day in your life, but we will leave no bars behind to make this occasion more memorable. RR Caterers is an entire wedding catering service provider who will take care from your initial steps till your guests leave the premises. We are here to assist you with organizing, catering, deciding menus, decorations, and handling guests. Whether it is your ring ceremony, haldi ceremony, wedding day, or reception, you count on us, you just mesmerize this joyful event. We are here to make this memory remarkable and unique which you can cherish for years.

Engagement Catering Services

It’s your engagement, and we are here with delighting culinary to impress you and your guests. Yes, we have a vast range of options to mould your event as per your flexible need. Every checklist has already been marked, from platted dinners, flying buffets, cocktails to mouth-watering desserts.

Birthday Party Catering Services

An exuberant birthday party is waiting for you, and here are no excuses for your guests. The mesmerizing view with delicious food to cherish your guests is waiting on our list. RR Caterers will help you make this beautiful birthday blast special for a lifetime. Please hurry up to try our birthday menu.

Obituary Related Catering Services

Every single person is essential, and when they rest to enjoy peace in other dimensions. You should pray for their best in the different world. It’s an occasion to show respect to those beautiful souls, and RR Caterers is here to serve the best catering services and delicious food during such events.

Gathering/ Kitty Party Catering Services

We provide gourmet menus and the best catering and hospitality services for your gathering, outdoor events, or kitty party events. Clients admire RR team for their efforts and potential to deliver all diets and taste styles to fulfil your guest’s needs. Our food is delectable and made with the recipe of experience and affection. We ensure reliability, quality, and friendliness.

RR Caterers is identified for its friendly services and curated menus where classy food dishes are waving to you.

Small Events Catering Services

At RR Caterers, we have planned everything from a small promotion party and holiday party to small events like anniversaries and surprise dinners. We know the value of these small events for our customers. RR Caterers is versatile team adds flavours to your small event menu and provides superior service to be a perfect solution for your event. Our chefs are passionate about making innovative food cuisine that you and your respectful guests will relish and rave about for days to come.
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